She’s 6.5 months old.
Everyone tells you that your kid will grow quickly.
Those people weren’t joking.

Weight: 17 pounds
Height: 26 inches
Head: ginormous
Teeth: TWO! Just now popping through.

She loves talking, singing, “reading” books, oatmeal cereal, feeding herself, sleeping (THANK YOU, LORD!), swimming, being outside, her kitties and puppy, rolling over, sitting up, jumping, toys, pacifiers, riding in the car, new people, grabbing for anything someone else has, bubble baths, being tickled, high-fiving, sitting in grass, watching basketball with Daddy, stroller rides…Basically, Caroline loves everything with the exception of having to wait for a meal to be prepared (her adorable thunder thighs tell that story). She has the biggest and best personality. She’s hilarious and sassy. We’re in trouble.

Caroline is a happy and healthy baby. Kyle and I couldn’t be more thankful for the blessing she is. Getting to stay at home with her has been the most wonderful experience for all of us. I wouldn’t trade a second of my time at home with her for anything in the world. God is good and He gifted us the most precious little girl.


(The floral crown is from her newborn photos and were made by The Enchanted Bow Shop!)

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